Thursday, March 8, 2012

More phone madness

This is my phone. 
I love my phone.  I'm not saying anything bad about my phone.  I will say I preferred texting on my previous Verizon phone, but alas, I can't be without email.  

However... this phone is way too 'smart' for me.  To remove the alarm I mentioned yesterday?  I had to open the previously downloaded instruction manual, turn to page 240 (really? that long?) then figure out what the very first sentence was telling me to do.  On the Clock tab....blah, blah, blah.  Clock tab?  No se, I say.  (Yes, I've resorted to Spanish...a bad sign.)  If I could find the clock tab I probably wouldn't need the book.  Using any 'search' feature on the phone only takes you to the web.  I needed to search the actual phone.  

Anyhow, it's all better and I didn't even need to ask a kid for help.  I guess I'll go out and drive my car (you know, the one with gremlins) to take care of a few errands. 



  1. Page 240? That's so funny!

  2. Now I see why I stick with my ancient phone that doesn't even have a camera!! Everyone laughs at me, but it suits my brain just fine...not sure I could figure out how to even turn those new phones on :)