Sunday, November 3, 2013


You can see, by the change of my background, that I didn't fall off the face of the earth.   However, I do worry about the future of my blogging. 

I just spent a few days with some friends I met thru blogging.  Wonderful, of course, but we talked about why most of us have fallen away from our blogs.  We also talked about why blogs we followed, when we first started reading blogs, are fading away.  Is this the life of the average blogger?  Do blogs have a life expectancy?  It does seem rare for a blogger to say 'good bye'.  We just keep hoping they'll start posting again.  

I had a previous life as a blogger.  Different blog, different name, and for lack of a better word... a different voice.  I miss that blog.  Maybe it's time for it to come back to life.  The privacy issue remains but the kids are older and 2 have moved on in life. 

What do you think?