Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where does a blogger go

when they appear to have disappeared from the face of the blog world?  Why, it's to 2 retreats within a month's time.  I know...poor, poor me.  It's my reward for putting in umpteen-gazillian hours doing good deeds for no pay and minimal reward. 

First.... I was off to a brand-new-to-me quilt retreat.  We each had plenty of room to work. 

Check out this homemade pressing/storage unit. 
So cool and so useful.  I took pictures in hopes of remembering what it looked like while dreaming of finding a similar shelf unit that could be adapted. 
Next, I met my stitching buddies at our annual self-created stitching weekend.  We take over one of the sitting rooms of a B&B.  We sit and stitch and catch up for hours and hours.  Such a nice way to spend a few days. 
Since it's the holiday season and my sewing room comes alive with the sound of Christmas music, I should have a few things to post over the next few week. 

Happy Stitching.