Saturday, August 25, 2012

What does one

write about when there is nothing to write about? 

My life is chaotic and full of things like this.....

We've returned the two college students to their respective 2 hours east, the other 2 hours west. 
It's time to fold up the kitchen table,
 reduce my grocery list from this.....
 to this. 
There is still one at home but she's very involved in school activities...both after school and in the evening.  I see her off in the morning, attend meets once a week, and make sure there is something to pack for lunch and supper. 
It takes a while to adjust but I'm ready for fall.  I barely sewed this summer given all the goings on but I'm hoping this fall allows me some quality time with needle and thread.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel for the enormous charity related project I took on last fall.  That should also free up my time around October.   
Fingers crossed I'll have something worth showing soon.  I have projects in various states of done-ness so there is hope.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A thing of beauty.....

Pretty?  I know...can't I take a better picture?  It's been moved to my sewing room where it awaits some serious play time. And trust me, nothing in that room is photo ready!  I'm currently using my back-up machine as my main machine is STILL at the repair shop getting a lobotomy.  Guess it takes a while to order a new main board from Germany.  While I'm very fond of my Pfaff machines, I've been craving a Bernina.  Now that my happiness quotient has declined regarding Pfaff, I shopped for and purchased this Bernina 350 Patchwork model.  I think the two of us will produce some lovely quilts over the coming years.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Weird Summer

This summer is just plain weird so I'm calling it 'The Weird Summer'.  Makes me think of the book:  The Weird Sisters.  Did anyone read it?  I liked it.  The sisters were hardly weird.  I have sisters...I know about these things.

Anyhow, I have an empty nest this summer, I've traveled to exotic places, I've barely sewn, and I'm tired all the time instead of one should feel during summer break. 

On the upside, my husband and I are having a blast squeezing in all the things we can't do when kids are home.

The fun will end soon as the youngest will return home this weekend.  She'll be trailed by her varsity sport's schedule and, before I know it, I'll be right back in the fall school schedule.  I keep comforting myself with the thought that it's really the last summer I'll be obligated to drive someone to practice at the crack of dawn every morning.  I've learned that the junior year of high school is really the last year anyone needs Mom's Taxi.  By next summer she'll be driving herself and I'll be home praying the phone doesn't ring until she's safely back.  I've done it twice before...I can do it again, I keep telling myself.  This child comes with a whole different manual than the other two, though, so the learning goes on. 

Anyway, as promised and encouraged by readers, I have a picture of my finished Part 1 of the Lizzie Kate Halloween project.  No amount of loading and linking would make a hyperlink work.  I have no idea what that's all about so I'm posting it below....way below.  Only look if you want to see Part One of Lizzie Kate's 3 part Halloween mystery project.  In the mean time check out's the view outside my bedroom window the other morning.

It was even closer when I first caught sight of it.  There was a second one that moved out of range too quickly to get a picture of. 




Don't look if you don't want to spoil the surprise when you stitch your own Lizzie Kate.....