Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fresh Fallen Snow

by Little House Needleworks from the 2011 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue. 

I wanted to finish this one like the magazine showed but hand stitching that blanket stitch all the way around wasn't really in the cards.  That's my favorite applique finishing stitch but done using my sewing machine.  The stitches can easily slip out of place when they're hand done.  So, I did a trial run and decided that using my sewing machine would work like a charm. 

First, I carefully turned under the edges and pressed into place.  Then I stitched the piece to the piece of white felt using the blanket or button hole stitch.  I used a matching green thread. 

Perfect.  (Hint... cut the felt larger than needed and trim down after sewing.  That way you're not stressing over centering.) 
I bought this wavy rotary blade to make the edges on the felt. 

Back to the sewing machine to sew the white to the green with a straight stitch done in white.  I stitched close to the edge of the stitched piece.  These stitches don't show.  Then I trimmed the green felt and attached a piece of cording with some matching thread. 
Love it.  I'm looking for other pieces that need the same method. 



  1. It looks great! I'm sending you mine...

  2. Love that method Libby. You are talented.thank you for sharing your ideas.

  3. Really cute finish. Thanks for the cutting tip; very helpful!

  4. Great stitching and finishing.

  5. Wonderful finish--looks like I'll have to add one of those rotary cutters to my Joann's list :)