Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Do we like the trappings

better than the finished products?  Sometimes I wonder.  I can stand and stare at a notions wall for a good long time.  I don't like or want all the gadgets but I do enjoy pin cushions, scissors, needles...oh the needles.  I like a tiny little needle when I sew.  Which reminds me, I have the coolest packages of needles but I didn't even think of those when I was taking pictures.  I'll show you those tomorrow. 

Today I have this on my mind.....I mean, really!  That box of Cosmo threads is awesome.  I needed 16 skeins for a project.  The shop only had 15 but 12 were still boxed up.  Man, if I could buy all my thread like that I'd be doing nothing but monochromatic projects. 
 These lovelies are for a Crabapple Hill project. 
Now, don't go holding your breath or anything.  I'm a good 2 years into another Crabapple Hill project with no projected finish date. 

I once bought the Valdani threads for a cross stitch project simply because I WANTED those little balls of thread.  Turns out the prepackaged collection was in skeins but I'm sure the end result will be worth the investment....assuming I complete the project in this life time.  That's a conversation for another day.



  1. OOOOO, lovely threads and an amazing project!

  2. Love the threads and the colors in that project!

  3. I've never heard of Cosmo threads, but they look wonderful--that project is really going to be beautiful!

  4. Great project Libby. I too love little needles and I have the best pincushion from my Christmas swap partner!