Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh, pooo!

My machine is back after having its tension adjusted, I  got it all set up and ready to go but when I started cutting fabric for step 2 of my 3 part mystery quilt I came up short.  There is nothing more aggravating.  I can't say for sure what I bought but I usually round up when buying fabric for a specific pattern.  Also, since this is a nice neutral, I can almost bet I bought extra because it would make a nice addition to any stash. I needed 100 rectangles to sew to the sides of these hour glass blocks. 

 I managed 76 then only had this little bit left. 
The upside is that I bought the fabric recently at the shop where I like to take quilt tops to be quilted.  So, I quick like a bunny, bought some batting and assembled backing for the 2 quilts I started at my quilt retreat in February.  At the quilt shop I found the fabric, bought a half yard, and dropped off 2 quilts.  Yeah, me. 



  1. I don't quit, but love quilts! The colors you are using are fantastic ~ love them!

  2. Thank goodness you could get more of that same fabric! Looking forward to seeing your latest quilt all put together :)