Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm sure getting

a lot of mileage out of this finishing style...not to mention my money's worth from the wavy blade.

After having such success with Fresh Fallen Snow, I thought I'd use the same method to finish a couple more large ornaments.

First is 'Joy' by Little by Little Design Company. 

I put a piece of batting between the stitching and the felt to add some thickness. 
I used a herringbone stitch around the edge and the same silks it's stitched in to make a piece of cording. 
 And, since I was on such a roll, I did the same with 'Naughty or Nice' by Lizzie Kate. 
I used a little stitch that doesn't show.  It's a straight stitch that goes over and catches the stitched piece every other stitch. 
I'm pretty sure everyone can manage this finish.  Give it a go and see....



  1. You know, I bought the wavy blade ages ago. I should give it a try!

  2. I really, really like the white background you used on the Joy piece! Both of them look great--your tree is going to be brimming with handstitched ornaments come December :)