Friday, March 30, 2012

So, where did I go last weekend?

I attended a cross stitch retreat hosted by Stitcher's Garden.  That link will take you right to the retreat page but you can navigate around and find the shop's home page if you'd like. 

While this was the 10th retreat hosted by Stitcher's Garden, it's the first one of theirs that I've attended.   This shop finds a designer or two to present, which was also new for me.  I'm usually just happy to sit and stitch and visit for several days with no worries about household chores.  Not to mention how fun it is to get away for a weekend and visit a new shop. 

This retreat included Linda Ebright of Lizzie Kate and Lori Markovic of La D Da.  Both of these designers are favorites so I couldn't let this opportunity pass by. 

I hate to admit to being bad about picture taking since I had my camera with me every minute, but I didn't really know the other ladies and don't want to assume it's OK to post pictures. 

I have a few, though. 

This is the shop.  It's in an old Erie Canal barn.  Cool, isn't it? 

Linda spotted the camera and posed.  Lori is in the background. 
Lori's project was a needle book that slides into a cover.  She premade everything and we did the stitching on a piece of wool using waste canvas.  I've done stitching on waste canvas before but I don't think many of my retreat companions had.   I'm not sure anyone loves this process.  The end result is cool, though. 
Once the stitching was done we applied the piece of wool to the cover of the pocket using a piece of double sided fusible paper.  Easy enough. 
Tomorrow I'll show you the project from Lizzie Kate. 

Until then....


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