Monday, April 30, 2012

Back from the dead?

It's like I died or dropped off the face of the earth, isn't it?  Really, it's just adjusting back to life-after-vacation.  Plus, the college kids have been in and out.  Soon they'll be home to stay with another year of college under their belts.  They have a 6 or 7 week hiatus between school and summer jobs.  I need to bask in the glory of my house to myself for as long as I can.  (The one non-college student is so busy at school that she's easy-peasy.) 

Anyhow, before vacation I'd taken 2 quilts to the super fast quilter.  They're bound and ready for their debut.  I started both of these at my quilt retreat in January.

This Bow Tie quilt in Civil War fabrics is the 6th and final quilt in the first Pioneer Women's quilt series.  The first 5 were small...which I love doing.  This one hung around in my to-do pile for a year or two.  

The quilting, which is hard to see on such a busy quilt, is pine trees and bears. 

 Next is the cover quilt from Cheryl Wall's Country Comforts book.  It's called Over, Under, Around, and Through.  Cool, isn't it? 
 The quilting is a cute little smiling flower that suits the fabric perfectly. 
I have a few more projects to show...they just need photographing. 

In the mean time I have a conundrum.  As I've previously posted, I went to a cross stitch retreat last month.  We received some wonderful goody bags which included patterns donated by designers.  Many of them are free patterns but some are patterns that would have been sold but the shops or designers gave them to the shop to give to us stitchers.  I've picked thru and taken what I'd like to stitch and can't figure out what to do with the rest.  So here's the question..... if I do some sort of give-a-way (one that might involve encouraging people to pick what they want, add to the collection, and send it to someone else to do the same) am I going to come under fire by critics of pattern sharing or giving or whatever might feel like undermining the designers?  It's not worth it if people are going to get themselves worked up about it.  However, I'm of the waste not, want not school of thought and I hate to waste something that someone else might enjoy.  Quite possibly something they'd never buy.  Let me know what you think.


Monday, April 2, 2012

March is over!

I've never liked March.  It's long, it's boring, it's dark, it's cold, it's muddy and a few other things.  When I originally wrote that sentence I said it's too long twice.  The upside is that when it's past, it's spring. 

No matter, it's over once again.  I also managed to post every single day.  I almost didn't have to struggle for a post.  In fact, I had an extra in reserve I never used.  One day I'll pull it out. 

Right now I need to work on packing for a trip to....

The husband and I haven't been on vacation together in over a year...and then it was only for a long weekend.  We'll have 2 kids with us for part of this vacation.  She has to return to school half way in so we'll be left with one.  Poor kid.  Nothing like being the only child on a family vacation.  It's a tough life, you know. 

I hope to stitch and read to my heart's content.