Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Christmas

version of Meadow.....

It's the flowers done in red and yellow that feel Christmassy to me.  Like Poinsettias. 

I will be keeping my eye out for patters in the same size range...approximately 60 by 60 so I can make a fall and a spring table cloth.  They've proven to be a nice addition to the kitchen decor.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

I made this

wall hanging size quilt this summer.  It's from a pattern called Meadow by Jililly Studio.

It's the perfect size for my kitchen table.  So far the kids have been good about moving it out of the way if they sit there to eat. 

I like that it used both piecing and applique.  I made a second one using Christmas colors but it's not ready to be photographed yet. 

The cross stitch bug has bitten and I'm itching to work on Halloween and fall pieces.  I am holding out until after Labor Day to change my background to fall.  I might have to sneak a few fall decorations up around the house, though.  I LOVE fall. 

Happy stitching.

Friday, August 23, 2013


I was preparing a post...finally...then saw the pictures.  I wasn't going to post until I retook the pictures but decided that I'd simply never post if I didn't just do it. 

Last week I took pictures of a couple of finishes then lost my camera.  Yesterday I tore my sewing room apart until I found it then looked at the pictures.  It's really not so fact it's possible nobody would notice.  So then I thought maybe I'd challenge you to see what I saw.  Then I decided I really wasn't up to that sort of critique.  What if you saw something I'd missed?! 

First, here is a little piece I stitched up in the spirit of fall...

This patriotic piece is July by Country Cottage Needleworks but I left the word 'July' off since I didn't want to be limited to just one month when displaying it.  I added some more fireworks instead. 

The little cake stand quilt blocks are on the picture to show what else I've been working on.  Unfinished they are 2 1/2 inches.  Tiny!  However it wasn't until I looked at the picture that I noticed how crooked the left hand stand was.  Oops.  I'll be taking that bottom piece off and fixing that!  Boy.  How did I miss that? 

Making these was part of a project posted here.  (I couldn't make the August 4th post open in its own window so you have to scroll down to August 4th to see the finished products.)  The idea was to make one block a day in July then in August lay out ideas would be revealed.  It was a fun and cute little project. 
My lay out plan is still a work in progress.  And, obviously, my blocks are still a work in progress! 
Last night this was the view out my front door.  It was even prettier 5 minutes before the pictures. 
Such a pretty end to a day. 


This has been a super busy, extra long week.  I am so glad today is Friday.  The weekend will be busy but I am keeping my eye on the starts soon and the summer people will go home and my work load will lighten and my sewing room will be a hive of activity. 
Happy Stitching. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

So true.

This about sums it up. 

I packed all the sewing I could dream of doing in 2 weeks and went myself!  Such dreams.  Such aspirations.  So few hours in a day!  Even all alone I didn't finish half of what I'd hoped.  (Plus, I wasn't alone-alone for all that time.  My husband was around sometimes and occassionally my sister.)

I came home to a back log of responsibilities.  Even today, on a Sunday, I am going to work.  I need a few hours at my desk without anyone else around to re-introduce myself to my job.  Drat. 

On the upside....I came home to the oldest child/new college graduate and HER NEW JOB!  We're so excited for her.  A real live school teacher!  Now the apartment hunt is on.  She'll be about 1 1/2 hours away in a small town outside a small city.  We couldn't hope for anything more. 

I hope to have my sewing room unpacked in the next day or so then I can take a pictures.

Happy Stitching.