Thursday, March 15, 2012

Needle me.

Needles?  Where would we be without them?  Lost.

I like tiny little needles.  The finer the better.   I found these lovely needles a couple years ago. 

These particular packages are sample packs of various size and purpose needles.  They're from Foxglove Cottage by Jeana Kimball.  You can find them at  I'll admit to being in love with the package.  The smooth, sharp needles are just a bonus! 

What she doesn't have are blunt end cross stitch needles of the same luxurious quality.  If she did, I'd be buying them by the gross.  As it is, I can't leave a cross stitch store without a package or two of John James's size 26.  The only thing I'd change about those is making them finer.  Probably they couldn't be any finer and still get  2 threads into the eye plus have a blunt end.  Not to mention how many of them I break in a year. 

The bummer of a good sharp needle is how many times I stick myself.  I think I'm used to handling the dull ended cross stitch needles so when I need to sew with a sharp needle, I spend more time stabbing myself with both ends of the needle.  Ouch!  A thimble is a must with such fine needles because the end with the eye can do just as much damage. 

If I could make one more would be to have more time to spend with my needles.  Someday, I keep telling myself.



  1. The last time I saw Linda, she gave me a package of Bohin 28's. I teased her at first, thanking her very much for giving me needles no bigger than a piece of HAIR! But then I actually used one and - oh my - the heavenliness!

  2. There is nothing like a good needle and spending time putting it to fabric!