Sunday, March 11, 2012

They're coming

and they're after your money.....
Catalogs by the ton.  This is just a couple days worth.  Except for the coupon out of the Yankee Candle catalog, the rest landed in the recycle bin. 



  1. They'll let you stop the unwanted ones, and you can still get your Yankee Candle coupons! (Better for the environment than recycling!) Cheers!

  2. I know I'm odd, but I LOVE catalogs! I like to flip through them for hours, marking what I would buy if money was no object. After that, I recycle them or donate them to the daycare center for arts/crafts projects. Like I said, I know I'm odd... (!)

  3. This looks like my Christmas stack! Thank goodness I don't get that many in the spring.