Sunday, March 18, 2012

I am women, hear me

squeal!  And screach.  And race walk out of the garage.  My friend said... what?  A spider?  NO!  I'm not THAT bad. 

First off... it's my second month of posting every some days the posts are a little, shall we say, less interesting? Less picture worthy?  Yes, picture worthy.  Nobody wants a picture of this anyhow. 

So, my friend is out in the driveway with her car with a dead battery.  A little oops with the lights.  So, I'm about to climb into my gigantic vehicle when I spy a dead mouse on the garage floor.  I ran it over... just a little bit of it...while pulling in.  It was RIGHT under the driver side door.  UCK.  I don't do mice.  No way, no how.  I'm a mom...I can clean up unmentionable stuff...but put a mouse (dead or alive) in the same room with me...forget it.  That's why I own cats. 

So, my friend did the dirty work while screaming a little herself.  I jumped her car.  Now we're even. 




  1. time my mom stepped on a live one and felt the bone go squish. Obviously, she didn't know she had one in the basement and it ran behind her as she got into the freezer. She stepped back and oops. She got to clean it up too.