Thursday, September 27, 2012

The last of my

summer projects are ready for their close-ups!

This summer I set out to work on my collection of McKenna Ryan quilts.  They involve lots of applique pieces using fusible web.  The fussy detail of these pictures pays off in the end, but boy you need patience and a good pair of tiny scissors. These wall hangings are all part of Beach Walk.  I bought the first 2 as kits then pulled extra fabrics from those plus bought a little bit of yardage to make the 3rd...which I couldn't find as a kit.  

I found these shells in the bead section of Joann Fabrics.  They had little holes drilled in them so they could be strung on a necklace. 

I added a little free motion quilting and a scattering of shells. 

I thought this one was really plain so I added some flip flop buttons. 
I have 2 more McKenna Ryan kits but they're going back in the 'to-do' basket.  I've had my fill of this sort of project for a while.  I'm ready for some straight forward piecing. 

I can't believe it's almost October.  I'm going to look for some fall-theme projects. 


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Newly framed

This first one is the Lizzie Kate piece I stitched at a retreat this past winter where Linda of Lizzie Kate was a featured designer.  The piece was exclusive to the retreat and I had Linda sign it.  I didn't notice until I brought it home that I totally forgot my own initials.  
This second one is 'Christmas Village' by  Prairie Schooler.  I loved working on this piece. Carol was generous enough to loan me the pattern....thank you, Carol. 

Seeing my pieces framed is such a thrill.  I know it can be an expensive finishing option but I try to keep it simple (translate...less expensive) by not getting a mat or glass.  I like a thin layer of batting behind the piece to add a little body and a frame that allows the stitching to stand out.  Often, people say they don't have a framer in their area.  There are frame shops everywhere.  I have used a variety of framers over the years and most know what they're doing.  I stay far away from 'big box' store framing departments.  I just don't get the same sense that they know how to handle needlework.  I'm sure they do great work when framing a piece of art work done on paper, but I'd prefer to have an experienced framer stretch my needlework.  I lost faith in a long time framer a few years ago so searched out a new shop.  I just walk in and ask if they have experience with needlework.  You can tell by their answer if they know what you mean.  I paid about $125 to have these both framed...which isn't bad considering they'll look great for years and years. 

Happy Stitching


Monday, September 17, 2012

Long time, no blog.

It happens to all of us.  Busy+busy=no stitching to show. 

I did finally finish this very cool wall hanging.

It's just one block out of McKenna Ryan's Storybook Farm quilt.  I love her quilts and keep wanting to make one block or another from each but they're so tedious.  I've actually done 4 this summer....this one plus 3 blocks from Beach Walk...which aren't quite finished. 

I'm trying to catch up my Block-of-the-month projects now that my life has settled down.  I'm hoping for continued calm so I can feel caught up soon.