Thursday, April 25, 2013

An inspired post.

I am killing time this morning until it's time to leave for some errands.  So, instead of making good use of my time, I am blog hopping.  (I visit my favorite blogs and check out the blogs they list as their favorites.)  I came across this post that inspired me to head to the basement and find my camera and take a few pictures of this book......

My well worn copy of Betty Crocker's Cookbook. 

Kelli writes about finding an old edition of this cookbook.  Somehow, from the picture, I doubt it's as well loved as mine.  She remembers her mother using this book and comments about what a good cook her mother is. 

Look at the binding of mine! 

The pages with the most spots and bends are a hint as to which pages I use the most.  This page has the recipe for apple crisp. 

I got my edition as a wedding present along with a cute apron.  Inside the front cover it says that it's the 3rd printing and published in 1987.  Not exactly a vintage book, but boy is it useful. 

Unlike Kelli, my mother was not a good cook.  I didn't learn much of anything about cooking while growing up so I needed a book with the basics.  Despite my love of cookbooks and the small collection I've managed to build over the years, Betty Crocker still comes out every Thanksgiving for tips on cooking a turkey. It has my favorite mac and cheese recipe and all the basic pie recipes you'll ever need. 

I'd say my second favorite cookbook is anything by Gooseberry Patch.  There are some great recipes in those books.  Hint...the little mini versions are often free or only $.99 on Amazon for download onto your Kindle or ipad with Kindle app. 

I'd love to hear about your 'go to' cookbook.  What do you like about it and what are your favorite recipes? 

Happy stitching (and cooking)! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chicks rule.

My newest  block of the month is Chick Jubilee.  I've ordered it from Shabby Fabrics.  It should be a fun one.  I got my first kit the other day but I didn't open it so I don't know which block it is.  They're all cute so it doesn't matter. 

Happy Stitching.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I continue to make progress on my Sam/Sarah Advent pieces. 

I even stitched one extra this month.  I lost count of what's been stitched and they're so quick and easy to pick up that I just started another without counting. 

The exciting project is this quilt......The Great Pumpkin.  I mentioned this one last fall as trying to kill me.  No exaggeration, either.  That top band....huge.  The pattern was a nightmare, too.  I finally just tackled it step by step.  There is also a block in there that I had to create myself.  I don't know what ever happened to my July monthly block.  I either never got it or lost it.  It's hard to believe I lost it because I'm pretty darn organized.  It happened when I got home from Costa Rica and things were chaotic.  However I didn't discover there was a missing block until I was sewing the top together.  I simply let too much time go by to figure out what might have happened.  The store denied not sending one and I wasn't going to pay for another. 

 Anyhow, the quilting is amazing. 

Look at the echo around those stars. 

Enough time has gone by since I dropped the dreaded thing off at my quilters to make me happy about it.  Absense makes the heart grow fonder and all that. 

I am anxiously watching my mailbox for the newest block of the month I signed up for.  Suspense.....I'll track down a photo of the project for my next post.

Happy Stitching.