Saturday, March 3, 2012

March madness, day 3

The other day I showed you my latest finish....Midnight Watch by Blackbird Designs.  Fun piece in my favorite fall colors.

However, this little detail is going to bug me for a while...

See in the photo how the year is written.  2009 in a cool primitive font.   I really liked that.  However, I finished mine in
2012, as you all know.  What makes me unhappy is that no additional numbers were provided in the pattern.  I guess the designers expected us all to whip this one out within the calendar year 2009. 
I put in and took out any number of numbers until I decided this '0' and '1' would do.  I just wish it had that same whimsical look as the 2009.



  1. That's always bothered me, too, with certain charts... I tend to always be stitching "older" things and it's hard to have to improvise numbers that fit in with the charts lettering. I think you did a great job, though!!

  2. It looks great! I never would have known numbers weren't provided if you hadn't mentioned it. I don't know why some designers do that. I'm not confident in my "stitch ad lib" skills, so I always worry when I have to make changes like that on my own. Good job!

  3. I often regret the same thing. But I love your solution.

  4. Oh, been there and done that! I think your numbers look wonderful and whimsical!!

  5. I hate that too! And some of the things I finished in the 2000s were designed in the 1990s! There's not even enough space for a 2. You've done well.

  6. I think the 2012 looks great!! I also wish they would put numbers in the charts.. They put letters in some of the charts..