Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 2....

Doesn't it just figure??

I know, what the heck, you're asking.  Even I, who took the picture, had to study it for a minute.  I took the picture a week or so ago knowing I was going to have the perfect opportunity to gripe about this. 

It's a little gash in the side of a Diet Coke can.  It happened when I was putting it in the fridge.  THE NEWLY CLEANED fridge!  We'd had an icing problem in the back and my husband had cleaned it out to thaw the blocked drain.  Then 2 days later I was putting some soda in when I gently bumped this can on the edge of a shelf.  Gently, really.  Well. that thing spurted diet coke EVERYWHERE.  There was nothing untouched.  Can you believe it?  Someone else had cleaned the fridge and I went and messed it up so completely.

Some sucks. 



  1. Oh my goodness! I bet that took forever to clean up. Cleaning the actualy fridge isn't that bad, but having to clean the pop off of all the other items in the fridge is exasperating.

  2. Oh yeah....I didn't think about having to clean it off of everything that was in the frig too!
    I'm afraid that would either make me laugh or cry.
    Which did you do?


  3. Oops.....I think I would close the door and sit down for a moment or two!