Sunday, March 3, 2013

What can I say?

I really wish I had a glamorous excuse for not posting like I've been buried alive at work, or snowed in, or traveling the globe but instead I just can't keep my hands on my camera.  Honostly, I lose that thing every 3 minutes.  I have lots of things to photograph but only one I'm showing this afternoon. 

Despite my lame excuse for no posts, I have kept up with my monthly promise of an ornament a month.           AND...I finish-finished this baby!

My 2nd Handblessings ornament...Boy with Pull Toy.

My black bear book end is lending a hand.  I now see I forgot to attach the charm that goes with it but it's not too late.  Also, I am almost finished giving my January Handblessing ornament the same treatment. 

Now that I've located my camera I'm going to make a serious effort to keep tabs on it and photograph the 3 pieces of framing I picked up on Thursday. 

I really have been very productive this past month so expect great things now that my camera has been unearthed.


  1. That finish is adorable!! I love the ribbon and pin edging treatment and the pretty color of thread... Hope you can keep track of that camera so you can show us more of your creations very soon!