Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Darn red...

or darn bad memory for forgetting that red runs.  I pressed my 3 Advent finishes for February and the red bled.  I'm not redoing it so it's going to stay that way. 

It happened on the bell.  I was wiser when I did the gingerbread man.  I hope that knowledge stays with me for future pieces.  That red shows up frequently in the outer border.
I will shoot for 4 finishes in March.  It's a long month and if I can do 4 I'll be on track for 3 each month until they're done. 
I took several pieces in for framing today.  Can't wait to show you.

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  1. I have commented about this so many times, I think I might write a blog post and just refer people from now on! Here goes--I was stitching with overdyeds, forgot, washed it, and the magenta ran all over the project. I read that cold water could remove it. I was living in L.A. and it was summer. So I put the project in a bowlful of water and put the whole thing in the refrigerator. Changed the water every day and in a few days all the color had come out. Give it a try!