Saturday, March 16, 2013

The half way mark.

We are at the half way point of the longest month of the year.  Technically, not so.  It just FEELS like it's one looooong month.  We're all itching for spring, mud season is still to come, and it's cold out with flakes in the air. 

I am at the half way mark with my Advent calendar project plus I've already finished my silhouette for this month.  Good thing, too, because I have some real demands on my time over the next 2 weeks plus a trip to Florida for spring break.  (I know, poor me....not.)

Girl with Teddy and the Advent pieces are titled 'bulb' and 'doll'.  Not real original but who needs it?  I've already started 'candle'. 

This is the month I'm doing 4 Advent pieces since it's such a long month. 

My house is settling back to normal now that the painters are gone.  We still have some re-assembly to do but that will come. 

No signs of spring in my neck of the woods either.  Well, that's probably not entirely true...wildlife is starting to wake up but no robins yet.  Last year we saw them in February.  I have set my sights on our return from Florida as a turning point in the season. 

Keep watching for a picture heavy post where I flaunt show you my latest quilt project.  It's one of the 2 block of the month projects from last year.  I just need to finish all the little details. There are a lot of little details!

Happy Stitching.


  1. We've been flooded with robins this week so I'm sure yours will be there this week sometime :) But, with this horrid weather (this week the highs are to be only in the 30s!!), who knows...

    Your latest finishes are so cute--I'm really enjoying the Handblessings series. Good luck with all of your obligations before your FL trip--I just found out I might be going down in mid-April, myself :)