Monday, March 25, 2013

Merry, Merry Snowmen

This was such a fun block of the month project by Bunny Hill Designs.

I finally got all the buttons attached.  Phew.  What a job.  I think that took longer than any of the blocks by them self.

This picture is after I'd been attaching buttons for a couple hours.  I was about half way done.

 One snowman with features, another without. 

 They are all so darn cute. 

Everywhere you look there are quilting designs that just 'make' the scenes.  Like this swirling snow.

It's hard to get an 'altogether' shot of the quilt.  As I was scrutinizing it, I noticed that one of my little corner snowmen was facing the wrong way.  It's not the one above.  I won't point it out plus there is no real rhyme or reason to how they face.  Nobody will ever know.

You can see why I love block of the month projects.  I'd never tackle this otherwise.

Off to run Monday morning errands. 


  1. Libby it is so beautiful. My pattern is just sitting there in the next to do pile. What kind of white fabric did you use so that you do not see thru the snowman?

  2. I can see why you enjoyed working on this quilt so much! Those snowmen are indeed adorable--it is so much fun to look at each different square and see what they are up to--love the sledding teacup snowmen the most :) Congratulations on a great finish!!

  3. What a great quilt! I love the swirling snow too. :)