Thursday, March 7, 2013

On being productive....

I've been hiding in my sewing room while the painters do their thing.  At first it was harder than you'd think.  All that activity around the house is unsettling.  Yesterday I ran all the errands I could think of so I could be away from the smell.  Today I just stayed home and opened a window.  The day flew by while I tackled all sorts of odds and ends.  The only thing worth showing is the trim on my second Handblessings Silhouette. 

It's the same pin keep style as my January finish.  I plan to finish all 4 in the same way. 

My March one is under way but I might wait until I finish the April one to tackle the finishing. 

I also started assembling Easter Care packages for the kids.  Aren't these paint can style containers cool?  My kids aren't real candy eaters so it's mainly a token so they know I'm thinking of them.  Also, once they spy the itunes cards inside they'll be sure to figure out how to open them. 

Once I found boxes deep enough to hold the containers there was extra room that I'll need to fill with a few more items.  I'll pick up a few non-candy treats at the grocery store then I can check that task off my to-do list. 

I better get busy fixing supper.  The day just flew by.  I just wish I could have more like it. 


  1. Lovely stitching and finishing! And aren't you a sweet mom??

  2. Love your finishes! Those treat cans are adorable!

  3. You are the absolute best mom--will you adopt me? I LOVE candy!!

    Your two finished ornaments are perfect--I love the fact that you're finishing them all the same way...