Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You make my heart sing...

that's going to be my title for the entire month!  I'm copying my friend Lee over at Lake Stitcher and posting about happy things all month.  She's doing it to get her blogging groove back and I'm doing it to try to recapture my lost audience. 

As you all know, I am a reincarnated blogger.  Feel free to email me and ask for details.  I'll tell you...just not in public and only if you promise not to tell...unless you know who you're talking to.  I just don't want my old self linked to my new self on any one's blog. 

But, back to my blog title.  Lee has a different title but that line from the song Wild Thing came to mind as soon as I thought about mimicking her.  I hope to post something that makes me happy each day this month and something that is worthy of complaining about during March.  I am an optimistic person so I suspect March will be harder than February. 

Time will tell.

Hang around and see how it goes. 



  1. I just read Lee's blog so had to come to yours and think I want to steal your ideas! Is that okay?

    I don't know your story, at least I don't think I do, but I am definitely reading your posts!

  2. Reinvention blogger style, maybe I need a reinvention myself.
    Lee and your ideas for February is a great way to infuse the world with happiness, in one that all too often shines like a penny in the gutter. I look forward to reading both of your blogs this month.
    *on a side the Midnight Watch (below)!