Friday, January 27, 2012


I am making progress on BBD's Midnight Watch.  Since the pictures were taken yesterday I've stitched the bats and the stars on the roof. 

I think one reason I don't like WIP photos is that I always manage some more stitching after the picture taking but before the posting. 

Since I'm mostly working on larger projects, I'm going to need to overcome that. 

I've been busy preparing quilt projects for my upcoming quilt retreat.  Woot!  3+ days and nights of sewing.  Next Thursday morning until Sunday noonish.  Such a nice winter get-a-way. 



  1. It looks great Libby. Your stitching is so beautiful.

  2. Great work in progress! I need to stitch stitching mine so it may be finished before this Coming Halloween!! lol

  3. Nice progress on Midnight :) And have a great time at your quilting retreat. What a great time of year for a little break!