Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You make my heart sing, day 15

Valentine's Day goodness. 
Heart shaped jelly beans and a box of chocolates from the local candy man.  Yum.  No flowers this year.  It's too sad to pick up all the parts the cat chews up. 

So, in looking back at the first half of this month.... you all like my sick sense of humor at work and my sewing under the influence posts the best.  Hmm.  It's not good to encourage me!  Although, I took my camera to work yesterday and couldn't find a single thing to take a picture of.  Work is still work even in a courtroom.  I also couldn't find anything to complain about for a post next month.  Well, anything I'd actually write about, anyway. 


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  1. Libby, I tried to comment on today's post but there is no place to comment. I have the merry merry snowman pattern and now I am gathering my fabrics.
    Looks like a great project.