Friday, February 10, 2012

You make my heart....

Ok, time to wrap up the retreat drivel.  What better way than with a picture of how we finished up each evening.  I've been going to this retreat for 8 years.  The first time the alcohol came out I was a little surprised.  I didn't remember it from previous years but, hey, who am I to complain?  Now we bring something fun to share with anyone who cares to taste. 

Whipped cream vodka added to ginger ale tastes like a cream soda.  Yum. 

Once that starts I only sew simple things.... things easy to 'un-sew' the next day if the need arises.



  1. Oh boy...I have learned that the booze and the stitching don't mix well. The frogs come out the next day!

  2. That sounds much better than the creamsicle concoction! Were there any good snacks?

  3. Ohhhhhh...cream soda, huh? Where is my grocery list......LOL