Sunday, January 8, 2012

What I'm working on

First, thank you for your wonderful response to my email notifying my previous followers where you could find me.  Glad you could join me.  It wasn't easy...emailing everyone individually.  In fact, I'm still not done.  When I went back to the list of my followers it WASN'T IN THE SAME ORDER.  Yikes.  I kept a tally and about half the followers had an email linked to their profile. I may hit a few people a second time as I attempt to complete the list.  Hopefully people will wander over and discover a blog they'd like to follow. 

My next problem is with the blogger template.  It's changed since I set up the first blog.  I am much better at it this time but I can't, for love or money, figure out how to change that very light blue color to something that shows up better.  Possibly we'll just have to wait until I change the background. 

In the mean time, here is the WIP I've picked up now that the Crazy January Challenge from 2011 is history.

There are some very large areas to stitch on this piece.  This time of year is good for that, though.  I am SO busy right now that I only get to stitch in tiny little pockets of time.  Having something to just pick up and stitch on, without much effort to study the pattern, is good. 
I will soon have a quilt finish or 2 to show, though.  Somehow I found myself in my sewing room quite often over Christmas.  There is nothing like that cozy feeling of sewing while playing Christmas music to keep me engaged.  I'm always sad to have the holidays over but I think what I miss the most is the music.  Last week I decided to play each of my cd's one last time.  I barely got any time in there this week so I still have a few left.  It's snowing big huge flakes outside so it's the perfect combination.  (After I get home from a meeting at church, though.) 

Happy stitching.



  1. I love Black bird designs. This project is going to be stunning!

  2. Glad to see your latest piece--it is so cute. One of my favorite BBDs!!