Wednesday, January 4, 2012


A new blog?  Why you might ask.... 

The story is long but the reasons are simple.  I have a follower or 2 causing problems.  I work in a field that leaves me at risk.  I've tried to keep myself under cover but I've gotten sloppy. 

If you're wondering where I've come from.... drop me an email.  I have many wonderful blog friends and I'd like to pick up where I left off.  I just ask that you don't link me to my old blog on your blog.  Let's not invite the same problem people.  I'll know them when I see them so don't worry.  I even think you're pretty safe chatting amongst yourselves.  Just, you know, leave my old name out. 

Thanks and I love ya all.

Now, on with the stitching. 



  1. Hi Libby, looking forward to reading your blog and your wonderful creations.

  2. hi Libby, look forward to reading and seeing more of your creations on your blog

  3. Sorry to hear about the problems. I'm ready to go!

  4. Just added myself as a follower - lucky #13! :^)

    All the best of luck with your blog and everything in 2012!!

  5. Hi
    Thanks for giving me the new link
    I'll be back

  6. Thanks for emailing me....
    All signed up to follow you here and hope that all goes well!