Thursday, July 4, 2013

My hat, I should eat...maybe.

So, remember all the way back to my Bloglovin' post?  The one where I wasn't excited about figuring out how it all works?  Thanks to Catherine at Bramblewood Stitches  I muddled thru and claimed my name.  But, the real kicker was when Barb told me there was an ipad app.  When I travel I just take my ipad.  I will be gone for almost 3 weeks this summer and blog reading using the ipad isn't always easy.  So, I downloaded the *free* Bloglovin app and have been thrilled ever since.  I've slowly been adding all my favorite blogs and even a couple new ones.  You can select a category and search thru the list of blogs for blogs that look interesting.  I spent a couple hours doing that last night.  Low and behold, I found a few of you on there and could add you to my list without using the search option I have since used to add blogs from my favorites list. 

Here's a bit of news for you all....every one of you have Bloglovin followers already!!  Isn't that cool?  So, really, you should log on, create an account, claim your blog and have fun.  (You can still have fun if you don't have a blog or even if you don't claim your name.) 

Now, on to another bit of administrative business.  I'm figuring out how to add a signature to my pictures.  It's a real kick in the pants when you see one of your pictures on Pinterest without any credit what-so-ever!  I know I've put a few things on Pinterest without giving credit because I just wanted to keep them in mind.  Now I'm a wiser picture borrower and will try not to do that.

So, here are a couple pictures from my garden.  The first one cracked me up.  I saw this from in the house and wondered what the heck the birds were doing....putting a grass roof on, I guess. 
My absolute favorite flower is in bloom. 
I think the signature part needs work.  I will have to have my son help.  I'd like the background to be transparent but I can't figure out how to apply that effect. 
In the mean time....Have a great 4th of July all you Americans. 


  1. Yay!! So glad you figured it out. The only problem I have so far is that sometimes, bloglovin won't let me leave a comment ~ then I have to go to the blog outside of bloglovin to do so. Now, how did you add the signature to your pictures?

  2. Your favorite flower is one I have been coveting. Mine bloomed earlier in the year. I just came back fromashville North Carolina and Libby there are a gazillions dayliliesbevery where!

  3. YAY! Glad you figured out the whole bloglovin thing. Guess I should officially "claim" my blog even though I know people already follow me that way.

    I use Picasa to put my signature on my photos--works really well and is free. Silly birds! We had one building a nest right beside another nest earlier this year...not sure what they're thinking!