Monday, July 1, 2013

As promised...a little something to post about.

I actually have a few things up my sleeve. 

Today I can show you a cute little finish.  I made it for a friend who lost a lot of her stitching in a house fire.  Since it's been received I can show everyone.

Smell My Feet by La D Da.  It's in Just Cross Stitch's Halloween Collection from the Fall of 2011.

I let the cording unravel a little.  I thought it looked like spider legs.  Nice and creepy for Halloween.
I wrapped it in the cute Halloween tissue paper you see in the background. 

Too bad I didn't stitch two at the same time so I could have one! 

Hope everyone is enjoying some summer sunshine.  It's mostly rainy in my neck of the woods.  I like rainy, but enough already.  I'm craving some sunshine.


  1. Very nice gift for your friend. Very "Halloween"! LOL Spooky spider legs and great wrapping paper to finish it off. Maybe you will have time to finish off another one for yourself before Halloween arrives.

  2. Great finish!! How sweet to make it for your friend.

  3. She will love it. Your work is always stunning!

  4. I DO love it!! DH is thrilled that we will have a Halloween ornie this year. The unraveled cording for the legs is too cute and the spooky tissue paper was the best finish. And yes, her work is stunning and very much appreciated.

  5. Oh, what a perfect piece for Linda!! I can tell from her comment how much she loves it :) And the "spidery" effect is perfect for a Halloween piece. What a great touch!