Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More catching up

These 2 blocks were finished a couple weeks ago but not photographed until Monday. 

Block 5 of The Great Pumpkin.  What is it, you say?  A bee hive pumpkin.  I know.  I've never seen one either.  Somehow it isn't working for me so I'm deciding what to do.  I thought a little squirrel next to it would work but haven't found the right pattern.  It's possible, if just the right little mouse pattern comes along, it could be a little mouse house.  I have a hate-hate* relationship with mice so it's hard to say if the 'right' mouse pattern exists.   I have some time to think about it since this block of the month goes on until fall.

Next, block 2 of my snowman block of the month minus any embellishments.  I did buy a nice piece of orange wool for carrot noses but even that has to wait until after the quilting is done.  Block 3 is waiting for just the right moment to be started. 
After much contemplation, and reading of legal material, I'm going to do a cross stitch pattern give-a-way so stay tuned.  Entrants will need to be followers so get yourself signed up.  I'm going to sort some of my own patterns to sweeten the pot so I need a few days. 

Happy stitching. 


*exceptions made, always and forever, for Mickey.  After all, he's the host of the happiest place on earth. 


  1. Your blocks look good! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the pumpkin.

  2. I think a little mouse would be the perfect addition to the pumpkin block... there must be a cute one out there some where!

    Love your latest snowman block :)