Friday, May 18, 2012

Another block

is finished.  The problem block is done.  I found a fabric placement chart online.  It showed me where the strange blue fabric went so I put it there but who makes the middle of a sunflower blue?  I thought I'd use the brown but the brown was for the stem.  I was going to use a green for the stem but ended up following the fabric placement chart as best I could.  It was FULL of errors.  I also found an error in the block placement/numbering chart that comes with the pattern.  Boy, if I was doing this all at once, I bet I would have had to wad it up and toss it!

The next mistake was completely my fault.  Doing two block of the months at once has it's challenges.  I forgot that the pattern for this one comes reversed.  The snowman one does not.... I have to reverse it.  That means I should have flipped the placement of the flower and the leaf but I forgot.  Luckily, this block is pretty flexible.  
Not a bad end result despite the pattern challenges. 

I've moved on to the newest snowman block but my sewing machine has decided (again) it's tired of the button hole stitch.  I'm crossing my fingers it's only temporary because it already spent 2+ weeks at the repair shop this spring for the same tension issue. 

I'm going on a quilt shop bus trip tomorrow.  WOOT.  Here's hoping my investment in Facebook stock pays off!!  Have you seen the price of fabric lately?  Scary. 


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  1. These blocks seem to just be giving you trouble! I probably would have given up on these if it was me, so I admire you stitching with it!