Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's a time warp...

or something.  Yesterday, May 24th, in western NY temperatures barely got out of the 40's.  There was snow over at the ski resort across the lake.  Today it's just about the same temperature but the sky is bright blue.  Too windy and cold to be outside, though. 

My flowers don't seem to mind.

The cold weather matched my project.  I made this little wall hanging in the spring but quilted it Friday.

I quilted it using a pattern that looks like chicken wire. 

I'm sure the heat of summer will be here soon enough.  I'm just glad we didn't have any outdoor plans.
No matter the season, I'm always happy to be sewing. 
Happy Stitching. 


  1. Pretty flowers ~ and such a cute quilt!

  2. It was so cold here yesterday, too--don't ever remember a cooler Memorial Day weekend. Your irises and coral bells are so lovely and your fall-themed quilt looks so cute... love the little scarecrows!

    Enjoy the rest of the long weekend...