Saturday, July 14, 2012


You know how people always say they need a vacation to recover from their vacation?  I'm not sure what I need. 

What does a person need after a trip where their luggage....their rugged, hard sided, 10 year warranty luggage looks like this by the 3rd day?

The Central American country I visited has umpteen million miles of roads that look like this. 
Honestly, it takes about 1 1/2 hours to travel 30 miles on these bone jarring roads.... and the picture just doesn't do them justice. 

Maybe I'm calling this adventure a vacation and it wasn't a vacation.  It was an adventure.  I think I need bed rest because I'm not hard sided or rugged and my 10 year warranty expired.  I did, however, avoid being eaten alive by bugs.  Thanks to the Passport Health Office who gave me some serious bug spray.  I didn't read the directions until half way in...oops...only spray on clothing before putting them on.  Well, all the worked great.

Anyone else working on the new Lizzie Kate Halloween mystery piece?  I started it by accident.  I really wasn't going to work on it but it came in the mail, I had an hour or so free, and my other focus piece was in an entirely different part of the what's a girl to do?  Stitch what's at hand. 



  1. Sorry, that picture doesn't do the roads justice - they look pretty good. Hope you recover quickly from your bumps and bruises. Have delayed doing the LK piece - don't like mysteries when I stitch - I'll wait until the whole thing is released. lol

  2. Ugh your luggage looks like it took a beating. I can only imagine how my bones would feel after riding on those roads.

    Oh thank goodness for the industrial bug spray! I would have made the same mistake you did about spraying it on myself. Who reads the directions on a can of bug spray anyway???

  3. Uuuhhhhmmmmm.......looks like some trip!!

  4. So glad that you're back safe and sound. We need to catch up, girl....