Saturday, June 16, 2012


I honestly thought the Mother Ship had landed!  Today I was at our local outlet mall when I rounded a corner and saw this.....

I've been to that exact same part of the mall twice in the last 6 weeks and that wasn't there. 

I LOVE Longaberger.  Once upon a time I was a consultant.  I have a truck load of the stuff so quit buying a couple years ago but how does a person just walk on by? 

I suppose having the Longaberger products available to everyone, without the benefit of a home party or consultant, makes them a little bit 'every day' but I DON'T CARE. 

Now on to my explanation for why there are no sewing projects to photograph.....

Life is chaotic this summer.

My son has gotten very serious about his running (as if he wasn't before) but is now signing up for lots of races.  One or another of us go along as his 'support staff''.  Today it was my job.  I love going to cheer on the runners.  He won 1st place for his age group in a local 5K.  He ran a half marathon a couple weeks ago....which to the longest race. 

Aside from the world of kids, I am very involved in a couple of charitable projects that are taking up quite a bit of my time. 

And lastly, I am accompanying a group of high school students on an adventure filled trip to Central America.  Go Mom!  Keep in mind that my idea of communing with nature is to view it through the picture window.  One of our 'adventures' involves a zip line.  I have wanted to try that ever since the first time I saw someone do it on The Amazing Race.  However, I am very scared of heights.  I told the kids that if I start to look scared they are to wrestle me into that harness and throw me off the platform.  There is NO WAY I'm coming home without doing it. 

Wish me luck, safe travels, and send me for a sanity check. 



  1. Way to go for the Son! I've found that running in college gets more dedicated (not really serious....most XC runners are insane) than running in high school. It's a neat thing to watch.

    Ho girl....Central America? Is it Belize? If so, I'll bet you have a fabulous time.

  2. I read somewhere that people always go outside their "comfort zone" while on vacation and try new and scary things. I'd love to try a zip-line through the forest some day even though I'm afraid of heights, too. I'm sure you'll have a great time with tons of stories to tell when you return. Enjoy!!!

  3. I completely understand kids keeping one away from their sewing projects. Oh my gosh ~ your trip sounds like it will be amazing! I have always wanted to try a zip~line!

  4. My mother and her "travel group" (my aunt and two friends) are going to central America where they will cross two items off someone's bucket list--zip-lining and white water rafting. Seems like it's the thing to do. Have a great time!