Monday, April 2, 2012

March is over!

I've never liked March.  It's long, it's boring, it's dark, it's cold, it's muddy and a few other things.  When I originally wrote that sentence I said it's too long twice.  The upside is that when it's past, it's spring. 

No matter, it's over once again.  I also managed to post every single day.  I almost didn't have to struggle for a post.  In fact, I had an extra in reserve I never used.  One day I'll pull it out. 

Right now I need to work on packing for a trip to....

The husband and I haven't been on vacation together in over a year...and then it was only for a long weekend.  We'll have 2 kids with us for part of this vacation.  She has to return to school half way in so we'll be left with one.  Poor kid.  Nothing like being the only child on a family vacation.  It's a tough life, you know. 

I hope to stitch and read to my heart's content.