Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall in the air

Who doesn't love that feeling?  Fall!  Love it.  It is still bright and sunny out but the nights are cool and the school routine has begun. 

I finally felt brave enough to put Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street on the long arm.  Easy Street was the mystery quilt from last Thanksgiving.  This was my first ever Bonnie Hunter quilt.  Anyone familiar with her style knows that the quilts are amazing but involve about a million pieces. 

They are scrappy and complicated.  To combat the extremely busy look, I chose 2 consistent fabrics for the background. 

I am happy to report that the end result is awesome.  I will get the binding on just in time for this year's mystery quilt fabric requirements to be announced. 

Also, with fall, comes baking.  Recently I was reading blogs and came across this post about a recipe for Peach Beehives that looked tasty and fun to make.  Since peaches are in abundance I thought I'd make them for dessert last night. 

Don't they look delicious?  My peaches were baseball size so I could only wrap four before running out of dough, but that was just right for us. 

The recipe called for a hard sauce poured over the top but it includes too much dairy so I used caramel ice cream topping.  I put the peaches into dishes as soon as they came out of the oven so I could capture any juice that ran out while they cooled and poured the caramel topping on right away.  The hot treats warmed the caramel. They were absolutely delicious but very filling.  The only thing I'd change would be to use smaller peaches. 

Anyone else trying new fall recipes?

I need to talk about font size again.  I wonder if people are still having problems reading some blog posts because the font is so small?  I think (but could be wrong) that it's an AOL thing.  I can go to FireFox and read the same blog and the font is OK.  However, I am generally on AOL and have to pass up some blog posts because of the font.  If you haven't checked out your own blog or wonder why fewer people are reading and commenting....maybe it's because the post isn't legible.  I tried to change my font size by going to the dashboard but, strangely enough, despite increasing the default font size of my posts, the only thing that changed was the font size of the letters on the sidebar.  Gotta love it when AOL and Blogger don't play nicely together!  So, in the mean time, I keep clicking 'large' when I'm posting.  It switches back to 'normal' about every 3rd sentence but I'm persisting. 

We have road construction which is supposed to last well into October that has closed the main road from my house to town.  Totally sucks and gives new meaning to the phrase 'stuck at home'.  I feel for everyone having to drive more than 5 miles out of the way just to get anywhere but that's how it goes sometimes.  I hope to cram as many tasks into every trip out I make or have my husband stop at the store on his way home.  On the upside....I should have some more finishes to theory anyway.  Seems like the more I can't go somewhere, the more I want to go.  

As my kids would say...such first world problems!  I know.  In the mean time....

Happy Stitching


  1. Your quilt is stunning! Well I love peaches, I love anything with dough and I simply adore ice-cream,but I have lost 18 pounds so I will pass on that scrumptious dessert you have teased us with.

  2. Oh your quilt is beautiful, what an accomplishment. The peaches look yummy too.

  3. Wow! The multitude of pieces in your latest finish really make a spectacular looking quilt--what a beautiful job you did! And my husband would love those peach beehives--he is a peach addict through and through :) Thanks for the link to the recipe.

    Well, with all that time at home, we'll be expecting lots of creative posts from you :) Hang in there--hope the roadwork is fixed very soon!

  4. What a lovely quilt!! And I do find it hard to read some posts because of small fonts, but I usually read them in Firefox... I often use ctrl-+ to increase the page (and then ctrl-0 to go back to normal) but it means that the page gets wider than the screen and that can lead to awkward scrolling...

  5. Ohhhh I love how your easy street turned out! I hope I have as good of luck with these colors as you did!!