Thursday, June 27, 2013

Could the blog train

be leaving without me?  Maybe.  The real questions is....if I don't use Google Reader, do I still have to 'claim' my blog name for other people to follow me using the new Bloglovin' reader?  I've half heartily looked around online but mostly only come up with things about how great Bloglovin' is supposed to be.  Since I've only ever used Blogger,  I will stick with it.  I really don't follow many blogs that actually post anymore so I'm not sure it matters to me.   

My kids are all off doing their summer jobs so maybe I'll get to spend more time creating wonderful things I can post about.  I've been in a real slump.  I'm sure everyone can relate. 

So, anyhow, about claiming my name.....anyone know?


  1. Libby, go to the bloglovin site, sign up and they guide you they the rest.

  2. I've been using flipboard and bloglovin on my ipad. All the blogs in my reader are automatically moved over so no worries. You can keep your current's just reader that is closing. I've been in a creative slump as well but pulled out all my charts yesterday and got excited to stitch again.

  3. Blogloving is simply a replacement for the reader. Whatever you use to publish your blog and from what I understand the google friends thing is staying.