Thursday, January 17, 2013

'Snow Chick' update,

A quick update on my Snow Chick from the previous post....Jen from Punkie Pie let me know that the pattern is 'Brrr!" by Sandy Gervais.  So, there you have can buy the pattern and any charm pack that appeals and whip up your own snowman or snow chick.  I love Sandy Gervais patterns.  In fact, I just bought Smitten yesterday when I stopped by my local quilt shop to pick up step 3 of the mystery quilt pattern.  I've fallen pray to their marketing ploys..... stop for the almost free mystery quilt steps and shop a little.  It's important to support a good cause, though, isn't it? 

I noticed a mistake in my wall hanging.  The hat is supposed to be part of the first round of borders around the snowman.  I added the hat then started going around her.  She looks less squat, however.  I say....if that's all it takes to look taller and slimmer...bring it on.

I've finished my first ornament in my quest to complete at least one ornament a month.  Woot.  So far I'm on schedule!  One ornament a month...check.  It's not finish-finished.  I have 4 similar ornaments by Handblessings I plan to do.  I'd rather finish-finish all of them at once so they match. 

Little Boy Playing with Truck by Handblessings. 
One more observation....what is it with Blogger and AOL?  Maybe it's not just AOL this time but....AOL if you're reading....we need to be able to upload pictures to our blogs like we used to.  I'd already figured out I could go into the HTML mode and do it...but really....can't you fix it?  Going to Firefox works, too.  I don't want to have to do that, though.  I want AOL to be my full service home page. 


  1. I've heard a lot of bloggers are having trouble with picture uploading and commenting on certain blogs. I always use Firefox and haven't had a problem (fingers crossed!!)...

    Your little boy ornament is so cute. I've just discovered those Handblessings ornaments and they're really nice.