Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

There we have it, the countdown is complete. 

A few more snowmen caught my attention this morning while I was getting the dining room cleaned up and the table set. 

These little fellas are sitting in front of a Sue Hillis piece.  Her Christmas colors are always so bright and cheery.  ('Fellas'....that's my grandmother speaking thru me!)

I have a few more Jim Shore snowmen tucked on a book shelf.

Along with a couple wooden ones. 

The house is festive.  We are just awaiting the arrival of the oldest daughter.  I will rest easy when everyone is under one roof for a couple days.

Hope your Christmas is Merry & Bright.


  1. Your decor is beautiful Libby. I have the joy towel already displayed. Feliz navidad

  2. Oh, that advent calendar is adorable! I love the little ribbon finishing around each day...

    I'm sure your Christmas was enjoyable with everyone at home--good quality family time is so hard to come by as the kids get older! Enjoy their visits :)